Our shipping department is very well experienced and developed and has many strategic partnerships. We ship to the middle east, central Asia and far east sea ports. We also have offices in main southern sea ports in Iran. More than 20 years experience of handling shipments dry, open top, flat rack and ISO tank containers followed up by achieving ISO 9001 certification and winning the best shipping company award in 2016 all mean that we are on our way towards even more success by extending our market.  

We are also a charter and container line agent. As a container line agent, we facilitate import and export of commercial goods to/from the main ports in Iran such as Bandar Abbas, Bushehr, Khorramshahr and Emam Khomeini ports by dry, open top, flat rack and iso tank containers.

Large container ship at sea - Aerial photo

Loading and unloading of containers crane truck and special truck in the port on a sunny day